e - w e r k

electric guitar ensemble

e-werk with guitars

e - w e r k is an electric guitar ensemble based in Berlin focused on but not limited to contemporary composed music. Its basic formation as a quartet, founded in 2012, switches to a quintet in 2016.
The ensemble is comprised of various musical personalities from different backgrounds, all of whom have been performing internationally during the last decades as soloists and in various orchestras, ensembles and bands. The core members of the quartet are Jörgen Brilling, Daniel Göritz, Frédéric L'Épée, Erich Schachtner and Andreas Willers.
The programm of the ensemble offers variable combinations: besides works for e-guitar quartet (or bigger formations), trios, duos and solos are featured as well.

e - w e r k performs mainly pieces from contemporary "classical" composers, some of whom may have flirted with rock or jazz or are connected with the experimental music world (Cage, Reich, Frith, Bignardi, Dramm, Försch, Beinke, L'Epée, Weissberg, Bornhöft, Corbett...). During their first season, e - w e r k performed several German premieres (F. Försch M4c3 #4, D. Weissberg À Trois, D. Dramm The stroke that kills, N. Didkovsky Out to bomb fresh kings and To laugh uncleanly at the nurse, amongst others) as well as commissioned world premieres that have been written for the quartet (A. Nowitz Touch, A. F. Staffel Kreisen des Quadrats) in concert series and festivals such as the oh ton Kultursommer in Oldenburg, the Unerhörte Musik in Berlin and the Festival Intersonanzen in Potsdam.

After a break in 2014/15 due to some other personal projects, e - w e r k took part in the Berliner Klangwerkstatt Festival für Neue Musik 2015 where they premiered works by H. Rungelrath, A. Adamopoulos, Sidney Corbett and Frédéric L'Epée.