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Frédéric L’Épée


Frédéric L'Épée is a new music composer, a rock guitarist, and a music teacher.
He is the founder of the progressive rock band Shylock (70’s– 2 releases CBS/EMI - Musea), the guitar band Philharmonie (90’s - 5 releases Cuneiform Records) and the instrumental rock band Yang (2 releases Cuneiform Records and Yang music).

He studied composition, orchestration, harmony and counterpoint at Nice Conservatory, and was awarded 1st price of composition in 1988.
As a new music composer, his main concern is about opening boundaries between "popular" and "classic contemporary" music. Most of his pieces remain permeable from each other; thereby it is possible to perceive rock hints in his “classical” pieces as well as complex compositional structures in his bands or solo rock albums.
He performs solo improvised performances in Art Centers as well as solo concerts in clubs and venues.

As a teacher, he was in charge of the electric guitar workshops in La Cité de la Musique in Paris and teaches now guitar, harmony and composition in Berlin.