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Jörgen Brilling


Jörgen Brilling studied guitar, musicology and history of art (focusing on new music and contemporary art) in Hamburg, Alicante and Moscow.
He has been a finalist at the International Scandinavian Guitar Competition and the Internationaler Gitarrenwettbewerb Frechen. During his years in Hamburg, he had been an assistant professor at the Hochschule für Musik Hamburg.
The most important influences on his artistic growth and development as a guitarist were his teachers Wulfin Lieske, José Tomas and Alexander Frauchi, as well as the oeuvre of Fred Frith and Frank Zappa.

Contemporary composers had always been of interest to him. Even as a student he was seeking out compositions that had not yet been performed. Since this time he collaborated with various orchestras and ensembles, including Hamburger Symphoniker, Hamburger Camerata, L’ART POUR L’ART, Modern Art Ensemble, ensemble mosaic and others.
His diverse repertoire includes first releases of works he commissioned for his various ensembles. His work has been recorded for radio programming and other media, which includes his latest CD 'Ripples – minimalistic music for multiple guitar(s)' und 'La Fin du Rêve – contemporary music for guitar & accordion'.